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Ventilation Systems Cleaning & Air Hygiene

Over time ventilation systems inevitably build up with various types of contaminant which could affect air quality in the workplace, from simple household-type dust to fungal and bacterial colonisation.

A Vantage Air Hygiene Programme will significantly improve the environmental performance of any system and the cleanliness of the air you breathe.


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Our Services Include:

A thorough Air Hygiene Risk Assessment

If requested, microbiological swab testing independently analysed by a professional laboratory

A full ventilation ducting clean

Safe disinfection with products approved for use in clinical environments

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance cleans of all ducting and AHUs

HSE fire safety compliance. TR/19 HVCA compliance

We can deal with both the supply and extraction cycles in any kind of ventilation and air conditioning system, customizing our approach to the particular environment in which the system exists factory, office, kitchen, warehouse, hospital, prison, school, cinema, theatre, hotel, restaurant. Whatever your concern whether it’s the fire risk of grease in a commercial kitchen, or simply the health of the people around you we can help you find a satisfactory answer.

Whatever your specialist cleaning requirements, we will almost certainly have a cost effective solution.

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