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Coronavirus Advice Update

Please read the advice below regarding coronavirus and tips on how to help prevent catching it. 

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The Coronavirus (COV) is most likely to spread from person to person through:

Direct contact with a person while they are infectious

Touching objects or surfaces that were contaminated by droplets from secretions coughed or sneezed from an infected person with a confirmed infection

Contact with droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes

Confined space with no fresh circulated air. Turn off air circulation systems and open windows

We recommend practical measures below to minimise risk for your premises/site.

  • Take temperatures regularly.

  • Identify vulnerable persons (age & pre-existing).

  • Identify any one returning from abroad.

  • Ventilate as much as possible.

  • Avoid shaking hands or any similar contact and contact under 2 meters.

  • Wear gloves and mask outside anywhere you go particularly shopping, trains and anywhere where you are sharing space with others. When removing wash thoroughly particularly your nails brush them. Wash your hands then remove mask and then wash hands again. When wearing your mask do not touch the mask.

  • Disinfect/wipe all contact surfaces minimum twice a day such as handles, rails, phones, anything that is being touched regularly that can cross contaminate.

  • Wipe shopping & package surfaces before bringing inside.

  • Avoid touching you mouth, eyes and ears. Sanitise spectacles daily.

  • Be conscious/avoid sharing work instruments such as pens/files tools smart devices.

  • Review air supply systems that will transmit/circulate the virus.

  • Have hand wash available for regular use in particular entering and exiting rooms, buildings.

  • Have tissues available with the hand wash for sneezes and coughing with safe disposal that has a sealed lid and emptied twice a day and double bag for 72 hours and then dispose of normally.

  • Keep a good space between you and others 2 meters minimum.

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